“Where there is Unity, there is always Victory”

– Publilius Syrus

Unity For Animals

Unity for Animals is a 501 c3 organization. We are a Transitional Foster house that keeps dogs and cats safe until they are ready to be transported to their rescue or a more permanent adopter. We help the city by staying connected, and organizes campaigns around the issues that impact animals and the greater Memphis area. We strive to unify and strengthen our community so we can work towards having a local shelter that does not euthanize animals for time and/or space. It is also our mission to inform citizens of the programs available for inexpensive spay/neuter and pet vaccines, and educate our neighbors about pet ownership and pet surrender alternatives, especially within at-risk communities. Our Unity for Animals educational and foster house works by turning compassion into action, and it is our goal to promote the inclusion of at-risk children for pet ownership education by empowering children to become animal advocates.


Make A Difference

There are no paid employees. We are all volunteers so anything you donate goes directly to the animals and upkeep of the property.

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